Saturday, 18 February 2017

1833. Tonbridge Castle For Sale. (3 Photo's. The Castle)

The owners are using the lawn as a tennis court.
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Great description of the interior of the House attached to the Castle.

The entrance gateway, later demolished after it was hit by a lorry.

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1867. One Man Driving Two Carts. (Photo. Horse and cart, London Road)

Photo showing a horse and cart, probably like those mentioned in the news item.
The road on the left in front of the George and Dragon is the original London Road.

1927. Horse Bolts And Crashes. (Photo. The Angel Hotel)

Sunday, 12 February 2017

1936. Food For Valentine's Day. (3 Photo's. High Street and International Stores Advert)

The International Stores was at 23, second shop from the left.

In 1937 the International Tea Company Store was at 23 High Street.
Later to be located where Poundland is now. 

1936. Ovaltine Advert. (Photo's. Cage Green Primary School c1982)

I loved Ovaltine granules,
when I was at the newly opened Cage Green school in the early 1950's,
my mum would put some in a paper bag with some sugar for my playtime break.

The school was originally just a single story building,
the two story part was added later to accommodate the first pupil intake as they became juniors, and the growing population produced more infants!

The two story addition.

1944. Three Sailors From Tonbridge. (Photo. Mne. Callister. Boy Thornton. Stoker Laurence)

Are any of these young men related to you?