Sunday, 5 November 2017

1877. Spectactular Guy Fawkes Night Procession. (9 photo's)

 Up the High Street and over the Big Bridge, torches burning and the Brass band playing, the procession went north.

Past the Big School

And on to Dry Hill.

Back south to Bordyke.

Back over the Big Bridge

Past the Angel Hotel and over the Station Bridge.

They then turned right into Old Wells Road (now Waterloo Road)

Up Primrose Hill (now Pembury Road)
A left turn into Lavender Hill and back to the Angel Hotel.
What a long march that was and what a spectacle it must have been!

Friday, 20 October 2017

1927. Oil Leak Mayhem....Fifteen Cycles, Twelve Motor Cycles, Cars and Buses Everywhere. (3 Photo's)

The Big Bridge Tonbridge High Street

Vehicles skidded down this hill to the Big Bridge.

Below, the scene after the council's terrible decision to demolish the wonderful, centuries old shops in the above photo..

Now in 2017 they are still destroying the old town despite the protests of thousands of residents!